1. Creating happiness this Rakhi : Exciting gifts for your beloved brothers

    Creating happiness this Rakhi : Exciting gifts for your beloved brothers

    The hindu month of sawan brings with it a festival which is awaited by everyone. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, a day filled with joy and love strengthening a bond which is pure to the core. The festival of the deep affinity between a brother and sister which comes with a promise that love care and togetherness. The customs and traditions may change a little with time, but the rakhi spirit is what makes this festival one of the most awaited time of the year.

    Rakhi today is also about the fun and frolic, an occasion to shower your beloved brother or sisters with gifts galore. Everyone looks forward to make their brother and sister feel really special with the best and unique things that will be etched in their memories for long. We have some delightful suggestion for this rakhi to make it an occasion to remember for all of you :


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  2. Valentines Day: Making most of the day for celebration of love !!

    Valentines Day: Making most of the day for celebration of love !!

    Love, the bundle of joy which fills bubbles in our belly and warmth in our hearts. An emotion like no other. Valentine’s Day gives us that perfect opportunity to exhibit the depth of our commitment towards any relationship.

    We all wish to celebrate this day in a fashion and fervor like no other. Yet, making the most of valentines can become bit of a challenge.

    So here is our take on how to make valentines day a truly special day to remember by for years to come.

    A day for the “Young at heart”: Celebration of joy and love is never bound by age. Good relationships only get better with time so should the expression of love. Show your better halves that the longer you have been together the more you value them. Let the age of your relationship just remain a number in celebration of this day dedicated to Love.

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  3. Indian Handicrafts: A Bundle of handmade love and art.

    Indian Handicrafts: A Bundle of handmade love and art.

    The Diversity that is India, a civilization spanning centuries. India’s rich tradition is deep with art and beauty. It is the Indian handicrafts that bring to life a culture that encompasses centuries. Indian Handicrafts are handmade products,made by using locally available raw material and simple tools, a generous amount of labour and creativity. They are the unique expressions of Indian artisans and represent our history. Thesehandicrafts carry with it a distinct signature of the region it belongs to.

    Indian Handicrafts exceptional in every way

    Eco-friendly and inspired by nature, Indian handicrafts are a wealth of art and variety. Every region has its own distinct design and texture which makes them unique and magnificent. The novel metal craft, intricately created jewellery, colourful paintings, exquisite pottery and enthralling sculptures are unparalleled.

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  4. Christmas Cheer with Christmas Gifts: Our best picks for this holiday season

    Christmas Cheer with Christmas Gifts:

    Holiday season is a season of cheer and joy, the time we rejoice with our loved ones. The Christmas spirit inspires us to give routine a break and the New Year around the corner makes us pause and celebrate the blessedness in our lives. The celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus is a celebration of life. Christmas is about friendship and generosity, about charity and love.The atmosphere is filled with good wishes and delicious food and the pleasant get togethers with family and friends. Where there is celebration, there haveto be gifts. Santa, the laughing white bearded man, bringing gifts for all is a childhood memory for many of us. The mushy warm feeling of receiving our favourite gifts just lights up a happy place inside us. The exhilaration of acquiring that special gift on Christmas eve has been

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