Valentines Day: Making most of the day for celebration of love !!

Love, the bundle of joy which fills bubbles in our belly and warmth in our hearts. An emotion like no other. Valentine’s Day gives us that perfect opportunity to exhibit the depth of our commitment towards any relationship.

We all wish to celebrate this day in a fashion and fervor like no other. Yet, making the most of valentines can become bit of a challenge.

So here is our take on how to make valentines day a truly special day to remember by for years to come.

A day for the “Young at heart”: Celebration of joy and love is never bound by age. Good relationships only get better with time so should the expression of love. Show your better halves that the longer you have been together the more you value them. Let the age of your relationship just remain a number in celebration of this day dedicated to Love.


Women can run the show as well: Gone are the days when it was only the men who proposed and brought flowers and gifts for the women in their life. Women of today are not meant to sit back and wait for someone else to make special preparations for this day. Choose a gift which shows how deeply you are connected and how well you know him and care for him

Build up to the Finale: Big celebration is also about building the excitement, and when we talk about valentines day the excitement is already there with the celebration which starts a week ahead.

                Feb 7: Rose Day

                Feb 8: Propose Day

                Feb 9: Chocolate Day

                Feb 10: Teddy Day

                Feb 11: Promise Day

                Feb 12: Kiss Day

                Feb 13: Hug Day

                Feb 14: Valentines Day

The celebration starts a week ahead and even small gestures on these days are bound to make anyone feel on top of the world and fill the atmosphere with  passion and zeal even before you reach V-Day.

More than gifts: Valentines day is not just about giving more gifts or the most expensive possible gift. It’s about being thoughtful about what you want to give and how you choose to express yourself that day. Handmade gifts and personalised gifts are a great option, which add a touch of uniqueness to your gifting choice. A well decorated gift can make anyone’s day. Make sure to take out some time to do your favourite activity and use those words to verbally express yourself to make this day truly memorable.

 Here’s wishing you all a fabulous Valentines day. May love be the flavour of your life this day and always!!